Day Three


Today I did a headstand in my yoga teacher training and I did not say one negative thing about myself. I might have thought a few things but I didn’t say it. Which is crazy. But that fits. Even still – I am counting two new things for day three.

Some days it is so easy to see the future unfolding before me. Others I can hardly see the point in looking up. Today was a clear day, which is great, and I am happy for that. But the ridiculous pessimist in me is terrified of failure, rejection, loss. All things that are largely out of my own control. Once I start to think on these fears, they swallow me whole. I lose myself in my own head, I start to drown, every word and thought is twisted into its own worst interpretation. The empty back hole that is depression, like a magnet, pulls you toward your darkest thoughts and fears. On clear days I can look down into the black hole and try to repair it, try to celebrate understanding myself better. That’s all we can do. Celebrate.


Come celebrate

Life is hard

Come celebrate

Life is hard

Our life is all we are

-Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes


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