Day Ten


At one point I looked in the mirror today and thought wow I look pretty good – and I said it out loud to my husband. I believed it – for the first time in my recent memory. I didn’t waiver and say “well except for…” or “especially since…” – I said it and it stuck and that was it. I moved on.

For the first time that I can remember I thought I looked good and said it and didn’t qualify it or take it back.

That really felt good – and it felt good to appreciate myself and move on. I didn’t even feel guilty after.

We are all such beautiful beings, beautiful creatures with amazing bodies that can think and move and feel. We breathe and convert that into life. Our bodies heal themselves when we break them. We don’t have to think about every breath, every blink, digesting every meal, converting what we put into our bodies into energy. Our bodies do that all on their own.

Our minds are free to analyze, to learn, to feel, to understand and misunderstand as we are fit. Our minds get in our way more often then our bodies do. It’s an exciting prospect to imagine what we can do if we fully control our minds and expand them. Stop all of the hating, over analyzing, worrying, holding back, dwelling, prejudices and ignorances that occupy our minds.

What would happen if we accepted ourselves and others for everything we are and are not? Now that is an exciting prospect indeed.


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