Day Twelve


Today our niece turned four. Time is slipping by so quickly.

We really need to focus on our future and living how we want to live. One of my favorite mantras lately is the opening lines to Primal Scream’s Loaded. It just loops through my head sometimes. Today’s first is starting my bucket list. It begins with locations around the world that I want to live at some point in my life. Anywhere in Japan, London, Paris, an island somewhere, New Zealand. Taking trips and taking family on trips around the world. Taking our nieces to Disney World for their first time, taking them everywhere and showing them everything. I want to learn about so much. I want to learn languages, how to read the tarot, archery, any mma or tae know do.

I have so much living to do it’s kind of intimidating; but that’s the best part. Now I just need to start.

“Just what is it that you want to do?

We wanna be free

We wanna be free to do what we wanna do

And we wanna get loaded

And we wanna have a good time

That’s what we’re gonna do”


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