Day Sixteen


Sixteen – I always thought this was my lucky number. Birthdate and all that. I decided today that 3 and 7 are my new lucky numbers. Anyway. On to my firsts.

I played basketball with my husband. For the first time. You don’t understand – this is a big deal. I am not one to embarrass myself by engaging in any activity that embarrasses me by showcasing my ineptitudes.

I openly spoke my mind about a few hot button family issues; for the first time.

I also drank Jack Daniels and enjoyed it for the first time.

Not a particularly enlightening day in some respects. I don’t know that I am a kinder, smarter or more successful person for having experienced these firsts – but I certainly am learning to take myself and life a little less seriously, speak my mind more openly and try things again that I had written off years ago. And if those things don’t add up to making my journey towards a kinder, smarter and more successful me in my 30th year then I don’t know that there’s any hope for me anyway.

Besides; I swear it felt really good after the crap day I had yesterday. Sometimes playing a sport you suck at, drinking a drink you normally would just barely choke down and getting a little sun on your face in the process can make for a great Saturday. A great any day.

I think it was actually a pretty great day of firsts after all.


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