Day Twenty Eight


Totally just watched Wayne’s World with a couple of tall boys and my love. Seriously – can we talk for a minute about how f#%&ing awesome this movie is? The Ed O’Neill, the ever gorgeous and eternally young Rob Lowe, the shwings, the Alice Cooper and obviously all of the glorious early 90s jokes that I honestly don’t think kids today would ever understand nor appreciate. That is why I will never understand nor appreciate kids today. Except my two nieces – they’re perfect and cute and awesome – all the rest I just can’t get with. Especially since they all wear the cute tiny flower print skirts and jumpers circa 1992 – wtf. Do they get how important the transition form metal to grunge really was? What it did to the music industry? To the world? I digress; it’s such a classic movie from my younger days. I mean how many of us out there know all the lyrics to Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody (and have exhibited such in our cars when we thought no one was watching) because of Wayne’s World? And it’s twenty-two years old. 

Speaking of the 90s; I made a pretty big decision today. I am going back to platinum blonde and I am going to try it myself using Manic Panic. Hahahahahaha. This will occur before my 30th and I hope it goes well. I haven’t dyed my hair in years – the cheap vegan in me – and the first time I will have bought Manic Panic since 1996 – so I was twelve – going on thirteen. And here I am twenty nine going on thirty. Awesome. 

No…Benjamin is no one’s friend; if Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he’d be pralines and dick.


3 thoughts on “Day Twenty Eight

  1. A most excellent post. How anyone can dislike this movie is beyond me. I was watching it the other day, and loving every minute, when I had a flash back to my younger days of drinking far to much cheap vodka, watching one of the two and then hitting the town.

    Nothing unusually there but then my mind recalled me and my friend standing at the bar going “schwing” complete with the movement every time an attractive lady walked past.

    And I wondered why I never got lucky…

    1. Hahaha awesome! I wish I could see a random dude do the “schwing” move every once and a while. I mean – not every Saturday night out but maybe once a year – just to enjoy a hearty laugh and recall Wayne and Garth as I prepare to sing some Queen on my way home that night. Cheers 🙂

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