Day Thirty Six


Today started as a total crap day. Work sucked. And I mean it – it sucked so hard that I literally had to ask myself several times throughout the day “if this isn’t the final straw – then what will be? at what point will this level of bullsh!t and misery induce me to quit? at what point will I give in? and finally, have I started to become so conditioned to how sh!tty it is that I will never really have a final straw and will just inevitably keep putting up with worse and worse?” Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we condition ourselves to deal with more and more stress and unhappiness? I don’t get it. To that end – I deal best with stress with small to moderate amounts alcohol and really good movies.

To that end, I just finished watching the commentary on Shaun of the Dead – which is arguably one of the top ten films ever made. This is the first time I have watched the commentary on any of the Cornetto trilogy films – and I do plan to watch the next two over the coming weeks. Bear in mind I have seen each of the films countless times, Hot Fuzz has to be in the 100s by now seeing as my love and I literally watched it once a week for like a year straight I am quite certain.

The commentary was wicked, super funny and honestly so fast paced with the random trivia that the few drinks I had more-than-a-little-impaired my viewing experience. And I knew a lot of the random trivia to begin with! There are just so many, intricate little details, clues and references it is truly a pleasure to watch – because every time you watch it – you pick up something else and it is a whole new movie again. I love that fact about all three of the Cornetto trilogy movies – and if you have no idea what I am talking about…then we are fighting because you need to get your shit together and watch them. Then we can be back on speaking terms.

So while you start in on the wiki rabbit hole of all things Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (do it) – I am going to try and convince my husband to watch Hot Fuzz instead of the game six Houston – Portland series…Go Blazers!


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