Day Twenty Six

stars worth writing about

So I just spent about twenty minutes watching old Nickelodeon videos of all the shows I watched growing up. I am so effing old. Salute Your Shorts, Doug, Hey Arnold, Pete & Pete, Rocko’s Modern Life, The Secret World of Alex Mack and of course the vast collection of Marc Summers gems. Seriously – what is up with kids programming today – that stuff was solid gold. Watch any of those shows and I guarantee you will be a happier person for it.

Now for the real content of today’s post. Today I have decided that this experiment in blogging, writing, whatever this is – will continue. I am actually really excited about it. I want to expand to fashion posts, food posts – and not just gross & poorly edited photos of food – but really delicious recipes, entertainment reviews and so on. For the first time – I have said it out loud and in the open. I want to continue blogging for the foreseeable future. I want to write and that is definitely a first. I want to improve, get more comfortable, write honestly, keep it funny (because I am – not that the past 25 days has shown it) and write something worth reading. I mean – this isn’t Salinger or anything. In fact it’s probably a little closer to Twilight level – as in mediocre amateur – but it feels great so f#%& it. I’m going to keep at it. I have not deluded myself into thinking many will read it – but if I can create something worth reading to even a few – then that will mean something to me.


There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down to a typewriter and bleed. -Ernest Hemingway