Day Nine

oregon coast

Have I mentioned that my love and I are planning on moving across the country by year’s end? By summer’s end ideally. Well, today I took the first step toward moving out of my past, and into the pacific northwest.

Today I went through my closet. I got rid of a lot. I kept some things that I might not need or use. I am so excited to finally start to release myself from the hold that my stuff has on me. There’s a reason the saying “don’t let your stuff own you” is a cliché. Because it’s true.

Why have I let so many things, possessions, material items dictate how I see myself? Why keep clothes I want to fit into or want to start wearing? Just effing wear them or lose the few extra pounds. Why is the idea of a smaller home so terrifying to people? Why was it scary to me for so long? I love my home – but it is because of who I am with – not how much crap I own. I love the free feeling that slimming down my closet has inspired. I cannot wait to move onto furniture and the basement and the kitchen and….


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